Sarah Commissioned for Baltic Exhibition by Sky Arts and Storyvault Films

Sarah was commissioned by Sky Arts and Storryvault films to make a new painting about identity in post Brexit Britain. The painting was exhibited at The Baltic in February 2019. The film about this work will be on  Sky Arts on Tuesday 26th March at 9pm in ‘A Picture Of Britain’.

‘Sarah Maple is creating a painting that explores the complex role of the British Empire in the construction of Modern British culture and identity. Sarah's work often draws on her own mixed background and in this piece, she is particularly interested in looking at her family's history of migrating to Britain as a result of colonialism.

In the 1950s, her Grandfather travelled from India to work on the railways in a British colony in Kenya. In exchange he was granted a British passport and when political trouble arose in Kenya in the 1960s, he came to Britain with his young family and settled in Birmingham. ‘At present it feels like we are having a global identity crisis. People all over the world are expressing the desire to ‘take back control’ of their countries. With the increase of migration in the west, there appears to be a feeling of nostalgia or loss of national identity. In some cases these feelings are beginning to manifest themselves in unpleasant ways. With recent coverage of 70 years since partition, this sparked my interest in the impact of the British Empire. It interests me that much of the diversity that is problematic to some, in fact has a direct link to our history. I think to understand our identity today, we need to understand the part Britain has played globally, especially our colonial past and how the wealth gained has formed the foundations of modern Britain. I think if we fail to understand the complex factors that have contributed to Modern Britain, this is where it sows doubt as to who gets to call it home. To recognise this and to let the world in, could be a way to make a start on how to live in our divided nation.’

Additional funding by Arts Council England.



Sarah is excited to announce her forthcoming exhibition ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ at Untitled Space. In her usual provocative style, the show is a mixture of old and new work reflecting on current affairs with tongue in cheek satire.


January 22nd // 6pm-9pm

January 22 – February 9, 2019

45 Lispenard Street Unit 1W
NYC 10013

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Make Art Great Again.jpg

Sarah designs limited edition cover for Harper's Bazaar

Sarah has been invited to design a limited edition cover for Harper’s Bazaar annual art issue, celebrating women in art and the launch of the inaugural Bazaar Art Week. Her cover is alongside 7 artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Barbara Kruger, Linder Sterling, Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Heather Chontos. The November issue of the magazine is available now.


Sarah selected for 'Not 30%'

'Part exhibition and part protest against the male dominated art world’. Sarah has been selected for ‘Not 30%’ at The Other Art Fair, curated by Kate Bryan. To celebrate the 30th edition of the fair, The Other Art Fair are taking over a second site, The College, with an exhibition of 30 female artists taking centre stage. Read about it here in the Financial Times

Not Colour - Sarah Maple.jpg

Sarah Selected For Royal Academy Of Arts Summer Exhibition

Sarah has two pieces in the 'biggest, brightest and most colourful Summer Exhibition yet' at the Royal Academy of Arts, curated by Grayson Perry. The exhibition is open to the public from 12th June to 19th August. To book tickets click here


Tedx Talk by Sarah 'The Freedom To Be Challenged'

Sarah was delighted to deliver a talk at Birmingham Hippodrome for TedxYouth@Brum on the importance of free speech. Her talk 'The Freedom To Be Challenged' is now available online.

New Solo Exhibition at New Art Exchange in August 2017

Sarah is delighted to announce an exhibition of newly commissioned works for New Art Exchange this August. 

'Not My Cup of Tea' explores timely questions around integration, the meaning of 'British Values' and the current worldview of Islam. Through satirical humour, the exhibition addresses the sharp rise of xenophobia and Islamophobia since 2016, as well as how certain communities are othered and alienated in political narratives, thus effecting public opinion.

Exhibition Launch - 11 August 6-9pm

'A Man's Home is His Castle' Live performance - 12 August - 1-2pm

'Art of Dissent' Workshop (women only) collaboration with Miss Pokeno - 17 August - 6.30 - 8.30pm

Exhibition Close - 1 October

The exhibition is supported by Sky Academy Arts Scholarships and Arts Council England.

Sarah in new performance 'A Man's House Is His Castle' at Kunst Vardo, Oslo

FRIDAY 28 April
Performance journey starting at Deichmanske Bibliotek, Grünerløkka

No Place to Call Home is a city wide series of performances and interventions throughout Oslo. The project asks artists to explore the many different forms of homelessness in contemporary society on both a micro and macro scale. As the conditions for homelessness are rife and we are at a point in time where the rise of the right informs the media's reaction to worldwide events, allows countries to put up barriers and tear down affordable housing in exchange for luxury penthouses, the project aims to act as a momentary pause for reflection. 

 In her new performance, A Man’s House Is His Castle, Sarah will walk through the centre of Oslo whilst carrying a large cumbersome cardboard castle. Starting outside Deichmanske Library in Grünerløkka and taking several stops on the way, she will end her journey at The Royal Palace. The act of moving a castle, symbolic of home, aims to mirror the current status of our displaced and homeless people in the world today.

Other arists included are Naja Lee Jensen, Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir, Suohpanterror, Charlotte Thiis-Evensen, Garry Williams, Poka Yio

Sarah Maple in residency in Amsterdam 01 - 18 February 2017







KochxBos invites you to take part in a radical get together where you can share your positivity and revolutionary ideas in collaboration with Sarah Maple.

The gallery is becoming an inclusive space for debate, creation and interaction between you, your friends and the artist in residence.

Bring along your good vibes and wildest ideas to create a positive art movement.

1 - 18 February

Sarah Maple present & working @ the gallery and open to public,
1 - 15 February, every day except Sunday's, 12-16 o'clock.

++ OPENING Exhibition ++ 
Saturday 11 February 17.00 - 20.00

++ CALL TO ACTION Craft party! ++
Friday 3 February 17.00 - 21.00
Welcome Sarah Maple at her arrival in Amsterdam, 
have a drink and enjoy !

1. meet Sarah Maple
2. check out her billboards and art
3. enjoy her daily political postcards
4. share ideas, create & get inspired
5. inspire and spread your thoughts
6. check Facebook for updates: KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam
(!) closed on Sundays

KochxBos Independent Gallery & Publisher
Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36 1015 NR Amsterdam /

Keeping Up With the Kapulets AT belfast festival

Sarah is proud to announce the Irish premiere of her film 'Keeping Up With The Kapulets' at Belfast International Arts Festival.

The work created in 2014, sees actors in full period costume recreate an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', word for word, in the context of a classic Shakespearean theatre production. 

The work will be screened from 14-29 October 2016 and has free entry.


Sarah's 'Freedom of Speech' film at Tate Britain

Sarah is delighted to be taking part in 'The Practising Feminist' at Tate Britain on 21st May as part of the exhibition 'Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–1979'.

This event, which fuses conversation and contemporary practice – will explore questions such as: How have pioneering conceptualists such as Margaret Harrison influenced younger generations of artists? Can we conceive of a feminist reading of the era? And if so, what resonance does this hold for contemporary art and artists today?

After a discussion with Margaret Harrison, Tate Britain will be screening Sarah's film 'Freedom of Speech', which will be followed by a discussion panel including Rózsa Zita Farkas, Margaret Harrison, Alexandra M. Kokoli and Loraine Leeson.

For more information and to book tickets click here



Sarah debuts new performance piece AT The Other Art Fair in April 2016

The Others Live section at The Other Art Fair, curated by London-based curator Valentina Fois, will showcase a new performance piece by Sarah. 

'Comment is Free' invites fair visitors to interact with Sarah and leave comments on her work, which will be displayed in a curated stand of mix-media art pieces. By taking ownership of the comments, Sarah wishes to raise the question as to whether exposure to comments can help or hinder an artists work. Can too many critical comments end up silencing an artist? Or is it fuel for the fire?


Thursday 7 April:        4pm-5pm & 7pm-9pm

Friday 8 April:             6pm-8pm

Saturday 9 April:         4pm-6pm

Sunday 10 April:         2pm-4pm

The performance itself was conceived as response/reaction to a recent interview with Sarah in The Guardian, which was shared over 11,000times and commented on 330 times. The article ultimately explored her experience of abuse, when in 2008 she created an exhibition inspired by feminism and her Islamic upbringing, something that was then deemed ‘offensive’ enough for some people to threaten her and her family.

"In 2008 I created an exhibition inspired by feminism and my Islamic upbringing. This was deemed ‘offensive’ by some enough to throw a brick through the gallery window, and by others to threaten me and my family. After my experience of abuse, this unwittingly transformed how I worked as an artist and how I realised my ideas. Even if I thought I was strong and would not give into my abusers, the memories had subconsciously lain dormant. After the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, I began to wonder why I hadn’t spoken of Islam again and if, in some way, I had been subconsciously silenced by my abusers.

I have also been interested in how opinions are formed and how modern media can facilitate an explosion of views. This is the specific aspect I will be focusing on for this performance. There is now an abundance of thought, expressed in person, on social media, television, radio and in online news articles. Never before have we become aware of so many individual views, many of which are hurriedly conceived, with some delivered behind the cloak of anonymity. Some of these views cross the line between legitimate free speech and abuse for the sake of it. This made me focus on how this exposureto comments can affect artists. In this work I am taking ownership of the comments and raising the question as to whether this exposure to so many comments can help or hinder an artists work. Can too many critical comments endup silencing an artist? Or is it fuel for the fire?” 

- Sarah Maple


Each year, Sky Academy support five emerging artists from the UK and Ireland through Sky Academy Arts Scholarships. Each recipient will receive £30,000 towards the development of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year, along with mentoring from Sky and the Arts industry. The 2015 judging panel included Godfrey Worsdale of BALTIC, Louise Jeffries of the Barbican and Kris Nelson of the Tiger Dublin Fringe. Over 1,000 applications were received and assessed by industry professionals.

Sarah's project aims to create an exhibition of new paintings, photography and performances investigating the concept of freedom of speech. 

For more information click