Sarah in new performance 'A Man's House Is His Castle' at Kunst Vardo, Oslo

FRIDAY 28 April
Performance journey starting at Deichmanske Bibliotek, Grünerløkka

No Place to Call Home is a city wide series of performances and interventions throughout Oslo. The project asks artists to explore the many different forms of homelessness in contemporary society on both a micro and macro scale. As the conditions for homelessness are rife and we are at a point in time where the rise of the right informs the media's reaction to worldwide events, allows countries to put up barriers and tear down affordable housing in exchange for luxury penthouses, the project aims to act as a momentary pause for reflection. 

 In her new performance, A Man’s House Is His Castle, Sarah will walk through the centre of Oslo whilst carrying a large cumbersome cardboard castle. Starting outside Deichmanske Library in Grünerløkka and taking several stops on the way, she will end her journey at The Royal Palace. The act of moving a castle, symbolic of home, aims to mirror the current status of our displaced and homeless people in the world today.

Other arists included are Naja Lee Jensen, Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir, Suohpanterror, Charlotte Thiis-Evensen, Garry Williams, Poka Yio